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    Maranatha Christian University (MCU), Kadoma, Zimbabwe has established an ultra modern cyber secruity, digital forensics and malware analysis labs in cooperation with Gujarat Forensic Sciences University, Gujarat India which is first of its kind in the country. These labs shall provide high end education and training to the students, professsionals, Govt. Officials, Judiciary, Police Personnel to aquire advanced knowledge in the area of cyber security, digital forensics and Malware Detection and Analysis in particular.


    The MCU shall provide the education in the area of Cyber Security, Digital Forensics and Malware Analysis. The students with the help of comprehensive and updated syllabus will be able to acquire conceptural knowledge in the class room learning and experiencial knowledge through hands on practice in the state of arts laboratories.

    Training Program

    Besides the academic programs, the MCU will conduct series of specialised &needbased training programs on the subects related to cyber security and digital security in association with GFSU, Gujarat India.


    The MCU will also update the knowledge, skills and technology by undertking research projects in the field of cyber security and digital security. The students and faculty members will get opportunities to undertake the research projects sponsored by government, corporate sector or university itself.


    The MCU will provide consultancy in the field of cyber security and digital security to the government departments and corporate sectors in the filed of cyber & digital security.