The motivation for the Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Engineering Programme is due to Shortage of such skill in aeronautical engineering in the Zimbabwean industrial space. Where these skills do exist, still, there is not substantial application and exploitation for the desired socio-economic growth. There is need to explore technological advances in aeronautical engineering to best reap the fruits of drone technology for the benefit of our processes in agriculture, mining, infrastructure development, security, cloud seeding, mapping, etc. Solutions made in Zimbabwe will better address our unique needs than foreign solutions. Maranatha Christian University will provide the necessary facilities to support students with critical practical experience to guarantee competence and excellence.

Course Benefits

  • The Aeronautical Engineering education will focus on imparting to students,the knowledge and training which should enable the students to harmonize theory with real practice; concept with application, and problem with solution.
  • BSAE will prepare students to apply engineering principles,processes and practices to evaluate, analyse, design and develop aeronautical systems
  • Develop functional aircraft control systems (non-military and military).
  • Develop autonomous ground vehicles (robots) for crop spraying, underground mine survey, reconnaissance and other activities.
  • Develop industrial control systems for chemical plant control, precision processing / manufacturing, assembly lines and so forth.
  • Develop precision automation systems, aeronautical, industrial or home automation systems and automated agro-processing systems.
  • Develop data acquisition and processing systems for aircraft systems or industrial processing plants, precision agriculture and other related operations.


To be accepted into the BSAE Degree programme, a candidate must possess an Advanced Level qualification with passes in Mathematics, Physics and a third relevant subject.

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