Cyber Security is an important and growing area of work for computing professionals. Any organisation that has a computer network or uses the Internet has a potential security risk and will need people with specialised skills to help protect their systems and data Computer systems store, process and communicate a wide variety of data. Much of this data is private and improper access to it can result in significant costs to an organisation or the person that owns the data. Securing computer systems against malicious attack or even against inadvertent damage is vital to any computer system. This programme gives you the knowledge and skills to enable you to prevent attacks and inadvertent damage to computer systems. As part of studying network security you will cover the CISCO networking syllabus for Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Routing and Switching and then the follow on CCNA Security syllabus.

Course Benefits

  • You may also find yourself working for a specialist consultancy firm that provides such a service to smaller organisations.
  • You will have an opportunity to take the industry-standard EC Council Ethical Hacker Certification.
  • You will gain technical skills in both computer networks and computer systems.
  • Develop technical skills in network security, and hacking attacks and defences as well as in biometrics and biometric based security systems.


Route 1: Entry to Year 1 Degree

To be accepted into Degree programme, a candidate must possess an Advanced Level qualification with passes in Mathematics, Computer Science and a third relevant subject..

Route 2: Direct Entry to Year 2 Degree

Successful completion of the relevant APIIT Diploma, or o Successful completion of study in another recognised institution with academic credits equivalent to level 4 of an honours degree in relevant subjects

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