About M.C.U


aranatha Christian University is a private University offering world - class teaching ,research and learning to local ,regional and international students.MCU will consistently provides relevant programs and practice-based learning experiences to fulfill the ever-changing needs of our students,our community and the 21 st Century workforce. MCU 's mandate is in Engineering and technology related programs.


To be a world class Christian University renowned for its advanced research, teaching and entrepreneurial education for personal development and socioeconomic transformation.


To promote world-class academia in research, teaching and learning in support of personal growth, industrial development and technological advancement whilst positively impacting local communities, the nation and the region at large through the provision of problem-solving skills, knowledge and value-adding attitudes.

MCU Sustainability Plan

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Become an Entrepreneur

It is important to note that at the MCU, the educational opportunities we offer are not restricted to intra-disciplinary issues only, but offer extra-curricular exposure to other mind-expanding subjects such as Literature, the Humanities, the fine Arts, Philosophy, Languages, as well as our signature courses that every MCU student must have in Entrepreneurship and ICT.

Wide range of Career opportunities

Career opportunities also vary from Programme to Programme but include entrepreneurship, as well as employment options in Educational Management; Agribusiness; Research and Technology development in Renewable Energy; Textiles manufacture; Mining entrepreneurship, including prospecting; Irrigation farming; opportunities in Accounting and Business operations, as well as opportunities to engage in meaningful social and economic research across a whole spectrum of societal problems.

Four-year Journey to Become a World Leader and Entrepreneur

Most of the Degrees on offer are four-year Honours Programmes with an in-built internship for exposure to business and industry. Students are expected to spend up to two semesters in aggregate on attachment which is an integral part of the Programme. The internship Module is a formally assessed Course which contributes to the final award of the Degree.

Well developed Curriculum

The MoUs we have developed with key players in Commerce and Industry also further help consolidate teaching and learning by offering students hands-on practical learning experiences in real-life industry environments.